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Civilization - DOS BOX

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What is actually a game whose name is Civilization. The answer is simple, the goal is build up its own human civilization from the very beginning. You can build your first settlements, cities, and will train you to build your first troop. At the beginning you can choose from two options. Either play a real map of the globe, or you game generates a whole new world. It's up to you to choose what style of playing. Whether you are a diplomat, who will try to sow between Powers disputes, or you will be harsh leader who will negotiate and everything is destroyed. One of the most important things in the game, however, is technological progress. Therefore, you need to invest in a new technologies and weapons. Without it you have no chance of success. One major objective of the game is to race to the moon. This means that when you're in a nuclear war, and none of the parties did not intend to loose with the enemy, it is possible to secretly develop technology, which gets you to the moon and you have won. The game is really fun and incredibly diverse. Last you a really long hours on the best entertainment.