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Kung Fu Master - MAME

kung fu
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4 / 10
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Description of Kung Fu Master ROM - MAME

I really do love Kung fu Master. On the other hand I have to say that it is quite difficult game. The story of the game is honestly very auspicious. I tis about you and your girlfriend Sylvie. One day you go with your girlfriend Sylvie for a walk and some strange guys get you through the mouth and kidnap Sylive to a temple where the devil's boss pretends that it is funny to kidnap your girlfriend. So you have to go to the temple because Sylvie is very good in bed and also she can cook. What else any men could wish? On the first floor, you will meet some other mev, who are not very good with fighting, but there are a lot of them. Any way you have to cope with them. Occasionally, you meet a guy with a knife that fits him from any distance, so he can always struggles at you if you do not jump or lie. At the end of the first floor there is a pretty big boy with a knife. You have to be damm fast to get out of it. After the stairs, Thomas (Kung fu Master) comes to the second floor. There is no such a fun here. Vases are falling on you, dragons are coming out of the fire, jumping little tears or avoiding exploding lamps. Some dwarves will also appear. At the end is the boomerangama guy. And again, you have to pay attention to the boomerangs coming back. It's pretty insidious. Well, the Kung fu Master is on the third floor. Here are the guys at the beginning and dwarves and knife throwers. At the end is a black man who is twice as big as you and has a hand like your leg J When you kill him you go to fourth floor. There are some giant ladybirds coming out of the holes (I do not really understand) and also there are enemies from the other floors. Finally, at the end, there is a terribly harsh hunchback who can disappear or clone. At the same time you are throwing fire balls. Well, you're on the last floor, classical enemies, and at the end of the top there is a man, big like a mountain, wearing a coat in the same sort of leather suit from Robin Hood. He lookst just as he had t climbed out of the woods. When I saw the video, it was terribly easy to kill him. The last thing you have to do is to release Sylvie and live happily ever after. Kung fu Master is a great game and definitely worth of playing. It is a pity that the second part never occurred. I would realy welcome even if the main hero would be there with some weapons like nuncaky, knives, etc.

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