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Cabal - MAME

Cabal - arcade game ( rom ) for emulator MAME
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This game is tested and working perfectly with our emulator version MAME32, you can download from section emulators.

NOTICE!!! I always check the game files myself before I put them on the website, to see whether they work or not. The basic idea behind this project is to provide people both with a working emulator and games they can run on it at the same time. Unlike some other sites that offer you hundreds of games but none of them really work, I can guarantee you that all the games presented here work like a charm. All you have to do is to use the correct version of MAME emulator, both of which are also available on our website. Whether the game is supposed to run under 32bit or 64bit MAME is always explicitely stated in the game’s description.

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step 1: download the game and put the downloaded archive to the ‘roms’ folder within your MAME root directory

step 2: after launching the emulator, press F5 to refresh the game database

step 3: double click on the game’s title in the list to start the emulation

step 4: once the game starts, press ‘5’ on your keyboard (the one above your regular keys, not the one on the numpad) to activate the ‘coin trigger’ and then press ‘1’ (again, not on the numpad) to start ‘player one’ game. (note: these can be both remapped through the MAME settings tab, where you can also find mapping for the second player controls).

 And since I spent my free time on this website, bringing you all these fully functional games, so that you too can have some retro themed fun, any comments will be much appreciated.

Have fun! Your Gbit.

Description of game

Cabal, or how a single man fires his way through a whole war. Level 1, stages 1 - 4 Straight into the hot zone. From a third person perspective Eliminate all the enemies from a third person perspective shown battlefield. Soldiers, accompanied with enemy vehicles, run at you impetuously from both sides of the screen and shoot. Call in your quick reflexes, you’re gonna need them. Once you get the hang of the controls, get ready for some hardcore action. In the next stage you’re going to take on an enemy base. After you clear out the surroundings, you are free to eliminate the ground units. Just come and get it! Once inside the base, there are some aircraft waiting for you to be destroyed. But be prepared, the enemy is not planning on letting it go that easily. Dodge bombs and fight the reinforcements they have sent in, so that you can finally enjoy the fiery hell after blowing up the enemy assault plane at the end of the level. Level 2, stages 1 - 4 You start in a swamp. There you are confronted by soldiers in neoprene suits that every now and then peak out from the water and shoot at you. And—as if it wasn’t bad enough already—there is a bunch of helicopters, tanks and other vehicles waiting for you at the horizon. A scene worth of an Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie. Pick up some grenades and move up into the next stage. There you get under attack of a whole military camp—heck, if not a whole company, heavily supported by bombers and helicopters. The enemy brass wants to show that the increases in annual budget were worth it. Too bad they’ve come across you. It doesn’t really matter where exactly you shoot, on the next screen, as there is like 90 percent chance you’ll hit something anyway. Just shoot and kill as many and as quick as possible and the final stage is here. Almost an idyllic scene: a house and a little pond. Is that a provocation? Luckily enough, there is enough enemies hidden under the surface—a nuclear submarine included—to get you straight into the next level. Level 3, stages 1 - 4 Here enemies run down the stairs and from behind the buildings on the screen, this time in pleasantly low numbers. Once you clear out the place, there is still enough place for a reckless shootout with bombers, APCs and tanks. The remaining two stages feel more or less like a déjà vu from the beginning of the level. If you can still feel your fingers, you’ll get through. A ship on the horizon draws your attention. Though protected by soldiers and aircraft, nothing can spare her from becoming a Titanic’s little sister. Level 4, fáze 1 - 4 Green is good. Welcome to the jungle—well, forrest, actually. But don’t get too excited, for—aside from previously rather common soldiers—it doesn’t bring anything new at all. You’ll further “refine” the looks of the ruined city and then it all gets somewhat tougher, as the numbers of slaughtered infantrymen are sky-high by then and the enemy just mostly throws their heavies at you. Level 5, fáze 1 - 4 The generals called in some massive reinforcements into the mountains, and don’t even think of destroying the surrounding mountains with your ordinary machinegun. The gameplay speeds up and the enemy meter is all filled up in no time. That’s how it’s done. If you have come this far, then it’s safe to assume you don’t mind the repetitive gameplay at all. You’re heavily outnumbered, no time for sightseeing. You don’t have to aim, just shoot. Hey there! So you’re hiding in the sand, guys, huh? Good, now eat this! Final Battle So it’s finally here! The desert base and its surrounding turrets start to fire at you. Well it certainly was a good move to save up those grenades for later! Easy breezy. Easier than asking your crush out...


More information:

Developer TAD Corporation
Publisher Taito
Composer David Wise (NES)
Platform Arcade, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, C64, ZX Spectrum, MS-DOS, NES
Release September 1988
Genre Shooting gallery
Mode Single-player, multiplayer
Cabinet upright
CPU Motorola 68000